About Us

Legacy Weapon is a podcast focused exclusively on the best Magic format: Legacy. With hosts Drew Walton and Jamie Keller you follow along their journey, growing Legacy expertise one building block at a time.

We are Spikes for noobs. Guides to people even less knowledgeable than ourselves. We will be your clown and your huckleberry.

Really, we are here to help you get over the (exaggerated) barriers to entry for Legacy. Deck knowledge? strategy? news? budget options even? We do it all, to get you from “I know how to play magic” to “Heck YEAH I got day 2 at the Legacy GP!”



Jamie is an MTGDad, Elf devotee, and a Spike/Johnny.

Drew is a lawyer (but is also taken, sorry ladies). He is ok with blue decks but prefers Maverick (Abzan for anyone under the age of 15).