Legacy Episode #1 – What is Legacy?

[Note. This episode, through Episode 16, originally aired on GatheringMagic.com and is episode 1 of our “reboot”]


There are no teachers here in Legacy Weapon 101, just slightly more talkative students. Today, Drew and Jamie will be leading the discussion and helping our newer students get interested, get knowledgeable, and get playing. On Day 1, we explain what Legacy is, and by graduation, you will be ready to vanquish all challengers. Remember, preparation is the best Legacy Weapon!

  • Meet your hosts!
  • We define Legacy as a format and discuss how it compares to other formats you may have played.
  • We discuss the general shape of the Legacy metagame, including what the heck a metagame is.
  • Jamie talks about our main sponsor as well as our other, um, unconventional one.
  • Drew introduces the banned list and the inaugural Banned Card of the Day.
  • Check out the full, recent Banned and Restricted update here.

Here is a short article. It is a little dated, but it backs up a lot of the topics from this show. It is a good read for anyone still wanting to learn about Legacy in broad strokes.

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