Legacy Weapon #16 – What is Elves?!

[note, this was the last episode to be hosted on Gathering Magic prior to the move to this private site]

There are no teachers here in Legacy Weapon, just slightly more talkative students. Today, Drew and Jamie have a very special announcement, and they also begin a two-part discussion about Jamie’s favorite deck: Elves! Creatures, card-draw, and mana galore—all the best parts of Magic! Remember that preparation is the best Legacy Weapon!

  • What is Elves!?
  • Seriously, what is this deck?
  • All the best Elves. It’s like an Elvish House Party!
  • Some of the best creatures aren’t even Elves. You might call them Elvish Impersonators.
  • Spells preferred by four out of five doctors, and nine out of ten Elvish Healers.
  • Our Elvish Farmers tell you all about the choicest lands for your mana crop.
  • Sideboarding with Elves!

What are these links doing here? No one knows. Probably nothing. Move along.

NEW HOME! Come join us at www.LegacyWeapon.com.

NEW RSS! The RSS feed is (or should be if Jamie didn’t muck it up) here: http://www.legacyweapon.com/feed/podcast.

Both are still under construction but will soon have our next episode—Elves, Part 2—live.

2 thoughts on “Legacy Weapon #16 – What is Elves?!

  1. Hey Drew and Jamie,

    Congrats on your new website 🙂

    Nice deck tech, you covered it all(most) 😉

    I like to share the date of an big and upcoming Tournament in Amsterdam. It is a SCG Qualifier, winner wins a ticket to the USA, how cool is that?


    Keep casting those pods, i really enjoy them!!!

    Best regards,


  2. So nice that you made another one. You should do it more often. I learn so much. You have the greatest podcast out there! Go elves!

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