Legacy Weapon #17 – What is the Legacy Gauntlet?

There are no teachers here in Legacy Weapon, just slightly more talkative students. Today, Drew and Jamie talk about the upcoming Legacy Gauntlet announced for MTGO in an action-packed episode filled with thrills and chills. Thrill as they attempt to set a new land speed record for deck techs! Feel the chills as our heroes race against the tyrannical egg timer of doom! But most importantly, chill, kick back, and remember that preparation is the best Legacy Weapon!

  • What is the Legacy Gauntlet?
  • What decks are included? Some of the most powerful ones in the format, of course!
  • There are a lot of decks here! Let’s burn through them!
  • Jamie makes fun of Drew’s timing device. Luckily, Drew has thick skin.
  • Whew, that was hectic! Chaotic, even.
  • Stay tuned for the Vulshoking conclusion!
  • Yeah, that last one was a stretch. I’d like to see you do better, though. It’s a challenge. That’s right, you might say I just THREW DOWN THE GAUNTLET!

Decklists and a brief explanation from Wizards:

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