Legacy Weapon #29 – Emergency Banlist Update


There are no teachers here in Legacy Weapon, just slightly more talkative students. Today, we OH GOSH TOP WAS BANNED!  We will discuss quickly why it was banned, whether it should have been, and what to expect going forward  Most importantly, chill, kick back, and remember that preparation is the best Legacy Weapon!

  • We’re Back!
  • No not the Dinosaur Movie from 1993.
  • Though that’s interesting too.
  • Jamie Has many regrets and things the require apologies.
  • Nothing else to report.


  • Was Miracles a problem?
  • Was Top the right thing to ban from it?
  • What happens now?
  • Decks that get better?
  • Cards that get worse?
  • Please don’t let moat be a thing.


Extra Ciriculars:

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Banned card of the day?  uh…you know, I can’t think of any banned cards off the top of my head. Maybe next time.

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2 thoughts on “Legacy Weapon #29 – Emergency Banlist Update

  1. Miracles existed since… 2014, Lossett started playing on 2012. If you “just” bought Miracles, that makes you a bandwagon Miracles player. Really? You give sympathy for those who finally hopped onto the Miracles wagon at the last waning possible moment. Those late wishy-washy players deserve nothing but financial punishment.

    1. We are the opposite of gatekeepers here on Legacy Weapon. We want to throw those gates open and help more people play any deck they want, whenever they want, as well as they possibly can.

      I have a first hand account of a player new to Legacy who JUST bought miracles as their first legacy deck; it looks like it suited their play style well. I will not fault them for only starting legacy this year, nor for picking up the deck they expected to like best (or even if they just picked up the “best deck”).

      And for people who have played Legacy a long time and just now switched to Miracles? That’s fine too! There is no shame in switching decks. There is no shame in not discovering your perfect deck the first try (Drew started on Soldiers and then Maverick before Alluren. Jamie started on Manaless Dredge…..we don’t like to talk about that…). There is also no shame in playing the best deck, or the deck of the week, or a net deck. We are casual spikes ourselves, but spikes we still are.

      Now, most players knew miracles was on the chopping block and bought into the risk. I have minimal sympathy for people who knew the risk when they took it, but even for them it sucks and I will commiserate. My heart really goes out to people not yet involved in the format enough to have known Miracles was a risk. I have one first hand account of this, and I trust there are MANY more like them.

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