Legacy Weapon #31 – Aluren, Part I

There are no teachers here in Legacy Weapon, just slightly more talkative students. Today, we pretend we are more expert than usual, and do a Deck Tech on Drew’s deck, Aluren! Get ready to get prepared, eat some Oreos (Oreos are always the right answer).  It’s another episode of Legacy Weapon!

  • We have a very special show!
  • They are all good shows, Drow.
  • Aluren is a great combo deck, and we will talk about it!
  • Instant speed creatures? Tutors? Ninja of the Deep Hours?
  • Let us not play Ninja of the Deep Hours in Legacy. ‘Tis a silly place.
  • Our audio fails.  Which means Jamie’s audio fails.  We keep calm and continue.
  • We talk a little about flavor and mtg story?  Would you like to learn more?!

Aluren by Drew Walton

Creature (24)

Extra Credit Reading:

  • OH BY THE WAY Legacy Grand Prix in Vegas is coming up!  We didn’t discuss it because we can’t be there, but you should go!
  • @XemitSellsMagic is good people. Check him out if you need to buy or sell cards.
  • Snapshot of the Legacy Meta.
  • Friend of the show Kate (who just got married…congrats you two!) has done a GREAT job growing a legacy deck from scratch over time to help show how it’s done.  Check out her budget WIP D&T.



  • Go check out the forum! All the cool kids are there. Well, maybe not all of them. But this way you can say you did it before it was cool.
  • The free, weekly, prize supported MTGO Legacy League is still going strong!
  • A new small, but growing mtg online community…not Legacy focused but still a friend of the show.   www.kitchentablemtg.com/forum
  • A content website covering MTG, and also Hearthstone that we are very proud to be a part of.   www.cardconfidants.com
  • The BEST place to go for magic podcasts, new, old, big and small.  The place we started and are happy to be a part of.   www.mtgcast.com

Kate tweets! Find her at @beautecoulisses.

What are these links doing here? No one knows. Probably nothing. Move along.

Sponsor! Just like Granny used to make.

Card of the Day was misplaced inside Jamie’s larynx.  Why do you think he sang so hard? he was trying to get it out!  He failed.

Music by Missy Palmer and the Brothers Chaps. Singing done by Jamie. Poorly.  Strongbad does not sponsor us……yet.

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