Legacy Weapon # 9 – Interview with Alex Kessler from Masters of Modern

There are no teachers here in Legacy Weapon, just slightly more talkative students. Today, Drew and Jamie have a guest lecturer, Alex Kessler from the Masters of Modern podcast! They compare Legacy and Modern and discuss moving from one to the other. Remember that preparation is the best Legacy Weapon!

  • Introducing this smooth-talking guy who snuck into our recording studio
  • Comparing and contrasting Legacy and Modern
  • Decks that can be played in both formats
  • Decks that can’t and what a brewer can do about it
  • Sponsors!
  • Banned Card(s) of the Day
  • Come back for part 2!

What are these links doing here? No one knows. Probably nothing. Move along.

Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Podcast brings you the following extra-credit reading:

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